Our rules

Armstarter is created in order to give people an opportunity to implement different ideas and initiatives. But we have some rules to follow for starting a project on the website.

1. Armstarter is built on trust so honesty and transparency should become integral parts of any creator’s project. Projects cannot mislead people or misrepresent facts and creators should be honest about their plans.

2. Projects should have direct or indirect relation to Armenia and/or the Diaspora. If the project is initiated in Armenia, it is not subject to any special requirements on the topic and focus aside from the regulation published in this and other sections of this site. If the project is located outside Armenia, in this case both topic and focus should have a clear connection with the Armenian world.
3. The project should have a well-defined idea and clear goals of the publication: testing ideas, discussion of the initiative, searching for resource persons or a new team member, fundraising, etc.

4. In creating a project, a user has to upload project image and fill in the following fields: project title, short blurb, project duration, detailed project description.
4.1 To publish the project, a user must give their real name (for a legal entity - the name of the organization). Armstarter does not publish projects from anonymous users or authors who either provide false (inaccurate) information about their identity or use their login only. 

5. Armstarter.com does not publish projects that are not related to the creation of a new product/service (in some cases a prototype of the future product is required), creative or socially significant activities or the main purposes of which are:
5.1. Advertising and sale of goods and services
5.2. Fundraising for the creator's own personal purposes including medical treatment or education

6. Armstarter.com is not a platform for political demands. You can create any public initiative but they should not contain calls for a change of power or constitutional order as well as proposals in favor or against public figures. 

7. Armstarter does not post projects that offend feelings of others. We don't allow content that encourages social, racial, national or religious hatred or intolerance.

List of prohibited items: Alcoholic beverages; Gambling and sports betting; Children's products requiring certification; Personal hygiene items requiring certification; Cosmetics requiring certification; Coupons, discounts, gift cards and certificates; Drugs and related substances, tobacco, etc.; Electronic tracking device; Energy drinks; Financial or material reward (part of the property, profit sharing, payments, etc.); Weapons (fire or cold steel weapon, etc.); Medical supplies; Multi-level marketing services and pyramid schemes; Food supplements and BAA; Pornography; Vulgar and obscene material.

*Administration of Armstarter.com can not share the authors’ opinion, comments and other information materials as well as not responsible for the accuracy and objectivity of the information in the project.