The dispersion as an advantage

The dispersion as an advantage

Speaking of projects of the Armenian Diaspora, the names of famous philanthropists and foundations fit together in my head, and we - Armenians from different countries - watch them with interest. In the pre-digital age, this perception was understandable and logical. But with the development of technology, it would seem that the decentralized Armenian world will begin to use its dispersion as an advantage and, in addition to those names, it will provide us with the individual opportunities of each Internet user if they wish. This is not only about finance, but also about the knowledge and skills that we are able to share and redistribute to solve urgent problems. It is some kind of Diaspora crowdsourcing, where Armenia acts as an international corporation whose work is constantly improved with the help of the collective mind.

But despite the increase of Armenian charitable initiatives on the Internet, the network is mostly used for watching TV series and news but not as a place for cooperative productive actions. (the most popular request on the Russian search engine Yandex with the adjective “Armenian” is “series”. – author’s note). The reason, in my opinion, is that we do not have a special platform for such an exchange. At the same time, there is a strong social demand among active Armenians in different parts of the world who want to participate in the destiny of their historical homeland but often do not know how. On the other hand, adventurous and talented people from Armenia and Spurk are lit up with new ideas but do not always have sufficient resources to implement them.

The purpose of Armstarter is to unite all these people in one place and give them a convenient tool for effective interaction with each other without intermediaries and bureaucracy. The site was originally created as a crowdfunding portal to finance projects but under the Armenian jurisdiction we faced with the difficulties of connecting payment systems. Later, the strategy was reviewed and Armstarter became a single platform for presentations, discussions and support of any interesting projects related to the Armenian world. This may be an educational project looking for an Armenian teacher, a public initiative that needs a collective assessment, a startup looking for investors, an animated film project looking for a team of artists and so on. Armstarter is perfect for companies that announce a contest for the best logo design for their project, and government agencies could discuss a plan of reconstruction of some sites of interest.

This list goes on and on because Armstarter just begins to form its community where you the one who offers projects, not the platform. And if you have an interesting idea, share it with us, because not too successful but the implemented idea is 100% better than the amazing but not implemented one..

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