How Armstarter works
a project with clear goals required
Registration on Armstarter
create the project on the website or write us about it
the project is published on the website after review
What do we want?
To create a crowdsourcing environment where users from around the world will share their knowledge, skills and other resources necessary for a project implementation
Do you have an idea?
We'll help implement it!

Frequently asked questions
  1. What is It is a free online platform for creating, discussing and supporting projects that have direct or indirect relation to Armenia and/or the Diaspora. We want to unite all those who want to take part in the destiny of Armenia but often do not know how and those who have good ideas but few resources for their implementation.
  2. What projects can be posted on the site? Any, if they don’t contradict the rules of the platform. Start-up presentation, public initiative, testing ideas, searching for specialists, contest for the best logo for your company and much more. Only if you decide to develop a flying car, explain and scientifically justify the principle of its functioning :)
  3. Who can be a project creator on Armstarter is a free and independent platform where any person or organization is able to launch their own project. It does not matter where the author lives and what color his passport is - to start the project you only need an idea and access to the Internet.
  4. Why do creators need Armstarter? This is an opportunity to present yourself and your idea to an active audience and, depending on the stated goals, get feedback, potential supporters, references in the media and, as a consequence, a chance to implement your own project.
  5. Why do ordinary users need Armstarter? By sharing their knowledge, skills and other resources necessary for the project, users are involved in the process of creating a new product and become its co-authors. Moreover, website visitors can offer project initiators some form of mutually beneficial cooperation.
  6. Can I raise funds for my project on the website? No. Armstarter was originally created as a crowdfunding platform with the appropriate functionality but now we are reviewing the strategy. You can design a crowdfunding project on Armstarter but you will have to accept payments through a third-party service and put a link to it in the project description.